Monday, March 28, 2011

My Ikea wishlist...

Slowly but surely I'm getting some projects finished. However, I want to get more of the room completed before I show them off.

I've decided too much on my plate to delve into the daybed-as-sofa...I haven't given up on it, just put on the back burner...and my Nana's wooden framed couch was another headache project and I just can't see getting it to look how I'd want it.  

I want to find the perfect balance of vintage charm, rustic elegance, and sleek modern lines.

Here is my Ikea Wish list!

A clean-lined, neutral colored loveseat (with some snazzy pillows) will be perfect paired with the curvier chairs whose distressed wood and canvas upholstery give it a fresh yet distressed look. I so wish this came in gray! I know another loveseat version does, but this baby is $149!

Klobo Loveseat
 I love this rug! Straight lines, classic shapes, perfect palette!
Alvine Ruta Rug
 This will be one of my favorite pairings. My distressed, timeless pedestal, wooden hightop table joined with these mod plastic and metal stools. ::lub dub, lub dub, lub dub:: that would be my heart beating for these! (a very similar style also at Target!)
Glenn Barstool
What do you think of the modern and vintage, organic and clean-lined matchup??

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