Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I now pronounce you, moditional....

Hmm, well maybe the name doesn't work out so well, but the marriage of modern and traditional certainly does!

This is what I want to convey with my two traditional tables, they are both classically styled, both have curvaceous legs, both definitely the women here, and these gals NEED a strong, sturdy man in their lives!

I shared in my last post that my hightop would look fabo with some white and chrome barstools. But today I'm daydreaming of chairs for my other (far-down-the-line-keeps-getting-pushed-back-on-my-list-gorg-5-leg-antique-dining) table project.

Blissful marriages at their finest.
 My long time fave chair to pair with a rustic table!
Country Living
I'm seeing this photo all over the place for the chairs, mirror, table, etc.
 I'm more fond of ghost chairs in ones and twos, but I really love this wallpaper so had to share.
Spotted some of these at that amazing estate sale I blogged about several weeks ago. They of course were long gone with that other piece we no longer speak of...
xJavierx on flickr

 On a side note...

Below is a inspiration image of what my occasional chairs will hopefully resemble, mine have a very similar structure...now if only I can find that presh stool!

Enjoy your day!

Monday, March 28, 2011

My Ikea wishlist...

Slowly but surely I'm getting some projects finished. However, I want to get more of the room completed before I show them off.

I've decided too much on my plate to delve into the daybed-as-sofa...I haven't given up on it, just put on the back burner...and my Nana's wooden framed couch was another headache project and I just can't see getting it to look how I'd want it.  

I want to find the perfect balance of vintage charm, rustic elegance, and sleek modern lines.

Here is my Ikea Wish list!

A clean-lined, neutral colored loveseat (with some snazzy pillows) will be perfect paired with the curvier chairs whose distressed wood and canvas upholstery give it a fresh yet distressed look. I so wish this came in gray! I know another loveseat version does, but this baby is $149!

Klobo Loveseat
 I love this rug! Straight lines, classic shapes, perfect palette!
Alvine Ruta Rug
 This will be one of my favorite pairings. My distressed, timeless pedestal, wooden hightop table joined with these mod plastic and metal stools. ::lub dub, lub dub, lub dub:: that would be my heart beating for these! (a very similar style also at Target!)
Glenn Barstool
What do you think of the modern and vintage, organic and clean-lined matchup??

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I am finally back from moving my sweet sister to Dallas. I miss her already!
She has a GREAT place right in the middle of downtown. I am beyond disappointed with the numerous times I forgot to take my camera/actually use it. I aimed to take tons of cool night shots...well that also didn't happen. I'll try to share a shot later if I took one from my cell.

Amazing view from the rooftop decks!

Sister and one of her BFF's that went with to TX.
While in Dallas I got a chance to go to Ikea (our closest is in ATL) and I found these amazing drapes! Pack of 2 on sale for $24! I also picked up this rod which I love!

Here is a peek at the table I had on the teaser (photo 2). The base is primed and will be white, I havent sealed the top yet, but I like the color.

I can't decide if the taxidermy is too wimpy to be on their own, they may need to be in a cluster of frames.....I just painted that candelabra, want to find some fun blue tapers for it.

From another post you have seen my den/sofa as drab and very olive, well my sister was living in the lower loft like space of our old house-turned-duplex, so now that will become our movie space/entertaining/play room for our time staying in this home {post about this soon to follow]. So all the big bulky and green will be moving downstairs! As many others I am in love with the Alvine Ruta rug from Ikea and am anxiously awaiting my next trip to Atlanta!! This will go in my den, along with the table and drapes above and THREE other projects I'm slowly working on....sheesh! We may be sitting on pillows for a while :)
Hope to post in a day or so with what might be the replacement for the daybed project, early 60's wooden framed sofa, I haven't seen it yet, but my Nana says it's all mine if I want it.....Is that even a question?? Of course I want it!


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Oy vey!

I am so lost, I worked all through naptime, wasting valuable moments to use a paint brush and my macbook has yet to allow me to connect to the internet no matter what I do. So now, with no other choice, I have taken desperate measures and hijacked hubby's craptastic desktop to post a little blog action.

I have been so busy spending time with my sister {who moves to Dallas in 6 stinkin days} and starting some projects that I have been so neglectful of my posts. But here I am in Hubby's man-nook {have I shared how we live in an old house so his man room is a butler's pantry?? well it is.} and finally sharing my glossy white taxidermy!

I really like the outcome! Now they are flanking my french doors that lead to the back deck, I'm not sure if this will be their forever home but I'm glad they are up. {Isn't that wall color dreadful?! I cannot wait to paint but that intails so much hubby help that I'm going to have to be patient, I've dealt with it this long.}

In other news, I wooted! I love woot.com and a few days ago there was a woot off and I snagged a fabo deal on a stroller that retails for over $200 on amazon and I couldn't be more geeked out over it. I just got word from the woot tracking bot that it is being shipped and I'm stoked! It's purple. I don't know what more there is to say, doesn't that just scream baby glam?!

I will try not to stay away for so long this time. :)


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Taxidermy {faux or no}

I've been admiring the amazing works of faux taxidermy lately. Whether cardboard, stainless steel, resin or papier mache, taxidermy has been taken to a chic new level! 
Etsy seller Bornanoldsoul
Cardboard Safari

Today while CL stalking for a dresser that my sister and I plan to revamp, I found these pretties, the real deal, and a lightbulb lit above my head (and this lightbulb was the big cool vintage kind, not the swirly energy efficient one). Why don't I paint these, top to bottom, glossy white??

The seller informed me these are European and the mounts are hand carved...so I started to have reservations on painting them....but I really am wanting a more modern and sleek look rather than rustic, cabin feel. I also need to find out what paint will take to all the different textures...I just don't know :(

What would you do?