Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The one where I ponder...and ad lib.....

Do you ever get half way through a really extensive project just to think, hmmm, am I making a HUGE mistake, I don't really even like [insert color]...and this [insert large object in room] is so busy, how will I ever find a [insert object] or [insert object] to coordinate...

I impulse bought some fabulous fabric at Hancocks for a great price. BUT now that I have made 2 dummy curtains, I'm JUST NOW REALIZING that this was not at all the look I set out to do. What is it that blocks out all logical planning when we find a steal on something pretty? Now I have to rethink other objects because I found some great sale fabric with like 7+ colors in it {not the simple yellow and cream I originally stated} so yea. Main color is a deep red....RED! When was red ever in the equation??? ::sigh::

I should never shop unsupervised. ever. ever. again.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The one about the front windows...

I've decided to start naming posts like "Friends" episodes. I think it'll catch on. :)

So, here is my plan for the windows. A little something like this.

Hope to find fabric like these inspiration drapes from Antrho. Not only are they more than I want to spend, but I am planning to do mock drapes on the windows, so will only need like 2' in width, and then will do some stationary roman shade style treatments for the sidelights.

I have purchased custom cut rollers shades and they are now hung, next will be painting them with navy sripes and then finding hardware. I LOVE this guy below, but they are sold out for another 4 months I was told!!! :( 

What do you think? Have you seen any DIY shade pulls?


{And a father's day shout out to my dad and my sweet hubby! Meatloaf, potatoes, apple pie and other all-american manly treats at my parent's tomorrow in celebration, woohoo!}

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Top O' the Morning to Ya!

Ok, so I'm not a coffee drinker (unless its a bottled Starbuck's frappuccino, weird I know) and today, feeling like I needed a little edge on my morning, I filled a Guinness high ball with my chocolate milk....

So far, no noticeable difference. 

BUT I am hoping I will get some sort of energy boost soon before I get to my parents. I have been helping my mom with their new pool project. Family motto is pretty much "why pay someone to do what you know how to?" 
 Here is a sneak peek of some tile work we have been doing (in the 95-100deg heat).

looks a little different b/c glass tile is on white pool wall and on concrete blocks. but once the grout lines are all white, no gray peeks through to make top look darker, thank you color theory class! I had to reassure mom more than once :)

The old pool was a big generic vinyl monster. This baby has a waterfall wall and jets that shoot in. The tile is neutral colored glass 1" tiles and the surround will be cut concrete that we will stain in a month or so of curing. I took this a few weeks ago, the concrete has been poured and we are going to finish grouting today. Cannot wait to take "real" pictures and share with you all her hard work and planning.

Take care!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Advice on my dilemma PEAS!

Ok, so I'm starting a fire under my own butt! I've got to get going on this room switch, too many visitors in the next two months to be taking my sweet time making decisions...but this one is HARD! :(

I made a few diagrams and am also polling facebook peeps...This first photo was taken like 2 yrs ago,  It's been 100deg for I'm going to show you my fried up grass, psh! yea right!

Hmm, any other advice? I don't want it too busy but with so many different windows I'm working with I just don't have a simple solution. Looking for enough privacy since we really LIVE in the living room, but to be aesthetically pleasing as well.


A Ziggy Zaggy Mourning, A Frame Fiasco, and A Lamp-No-Go.

Ever since I saw this post from Danielle Oakey Interiors I fell hard for this simple chevron rug. 
picture me in a soft embrace with my macbook, crooning Adele's "Crazy For You"

However, I've been holding off on buying too much until I get my room switcheroo moving a little faster and can determine what size rugs and such I need. SO my tortoise pace has yet again punched me in the gut. The rugs are sold out. However, dear pals, don't you fret, after some stalking, threatening, and super secret insider information [....i emailed customer support] I found that they will be sold yet again around August of this year! You bet your pantaloons I will be on UO's site each morning starting late July. I am that desperate and crazed to have this. Reviews were pretty good. For a $70 rug I think less than 5 stars is plenty acceptable.

In other presh-tastic frames went nuts on me. I think the wood was a little moist and once hung for a few days in my hot hiney house, they shrunk! 

I emailed photos to my dad in a tizzy, and now they sit at my parents yet again, awaiting an operation. I sure hope they come through ok!

And on a final note, lamp guts are kinda pricey. You have the electrical kit, then the threaded rod thing, then the shade and base...not a great deal. So I have decided to either try to dissect 2 similar thrift store lamps [scary] or just buy them new. 

vases i was planning to turn into buffet lamps :(
Enjoy the weekend, I am photographing a 1 year old by a river bank. So excited! Will link up to a picture once they are edited. 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lovely X Bench

First lets bask in the beauty of these inspiration photos....

 love-lovin the palette and furniture choices in this one.




Now let's talk about my new love. She came to be with a slight stitch issue. About 2 inches of a fold came loose that I will need to slip stitch together...but that got me 30% off at HomeGoods!

Here she is in the store, will share more once I have her gussied up and once I get my living room re worked, cable guy comes tomorrow to wire us up in the front room! yayayaya!

Isn't she great! The perfect blue with golden nailhead trim and tufted top. Not sure yet if she will be used as coffee table or additional seating. hmmm.
this one was great also. love the upholstered legs, herringbone pattern and cushion style...but the color was just not right.

Enjoy your weekend, stay cool if you are down south with me! Going to be a hot one!!