Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lovely X Bench

First lets bask in the beauty of these inspiration photos....

 love-lovin the palette and furniture choices in this one.




Now let's talk about my new love. She came to be with a slight stitch issue. About 2 inches of a fold came loose that I will need to slip stitch together...but that got me 30% off at HomeGoods!

Here she is in the store, will share more once I have her gussied up and once I get my living room re worked, cable guy comes tomorrow to wire us up in the front room! yayayaya!

Isn't she great! The perfect blue with golden nailhead trim and tufted top. Not sure yet if she will be used as coffee table or additional seating. hmmm.
this one was great also. love the upholstered legs, herringbone pattern and cushion style...but the color was just not right.

Enjoy your weekend, stay cool if you are down south with me! Going to be a hot one!!


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