Thursday, May 26, 2011

To have and to hold...our TV {Armoire}

My aunt gave me this armoire a month or so back, it was just taking up space in her basement. It is Asian inspired and pretty sturdy. I fell in love with the contrast of the organic hardware on such a big square piece of furniture. It was a rich burnt orange which would definitely not work in my space, so I painted it  a cool gray. This my friends was not fun! The hardware does not come off and so I had to use an artist's brush around the circles and florets. I still have some cleaning up of where my hand was not so steady.

open with t.v.
{note vintage Moroccan pouf I snagged at estate sale!}

with the floret twisted you can see the ORANGE!

Closed. I like the softness of what is a traditionally bold colored piece.
Soon, I will be moving the living room into the "front room" and the dining room back here off the kitchen. I will have to share a floor plan. Like our last house downtown, which was built in 1890s, the rooms were not designed for the same modern day purposes and sometimes you have to compromise natural flow for practicality.

Enjoy your day!!!


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