Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Big Ol' Stinking Blog Post! {lamps & mirrors & chairs, oh my!}-

Good thing I don't do this for a living or I'd be eating....well, probably not much better than I do now :)

I have been gone for a while...again. So wanted to share a few things in one large post just in case I decide to disappear for another week or two. :D

I found this freaking awesome lamp at a local thrift for less than $2! It was bulbous and had texture but was a terracotta color so I primed and painted it a glossy white. Then I have been searching online for the perfect shade. Was thinking drum shape, maybe some anthro inspired floral needlework? However, yesterday, mini decorator Stella decided it would look much better if it were on the floor...in pieces. Sorry for the dumpy garbage pic {hubs apparently has been searching for a new favorite energy drink}

RIP Lamp

Lamp shade inspirations...

I do have two ceramic vases I found at an auction for like $4 for the pair...I may attempt to take a lamp kit to them. Any advice on 16 month olds and keeping lamps in the house???

that would be the contents of my wallet. and shoes. and the remote. and clothes. she'd been awake for 30mins.

Now for some not so depressing projects.

Ok, so I really promised myself never to share photos of my tiny messy closet-with-a-bed master bedroom {chuckling to myself at actually calling it a master bedroom} Our home was built in the 30s...so aside from it being extremely inefficient when it comes to heating and cooling, the rooms and bathroom are teeny {yes I said bathroom. there is one in the downstairs loft/manroom but singular in our living space}. Well we still managed to cram the 60s-70s, solid, heavy as a horse, king suite that I got from my grandparent's lake house. I loved the caneback headboard and carving in the dresser and nightstand but hated the speckled brown finish. So when I got it home, I painted the headboard dresser and side table an antique white and ran out before getting to the mirrors. Almost 2 years later, (act as if you can't believe that!) I finally pulled out the mirrors and decided a paris gray with some subtle glaze would maybe be a nice contrast.

I approve.

I think I mentioned once, twice, three times, how I am so stupid for attempting to reupholster two matching chairs...well, feelings haven't changed. I do like how chair one turned out. I do love my Land's End Chevron Ikat pillow that I snagged during friends and fam event! Woohoo!

and with her twin who is still looking rough.

Well that felt lovely. Glad to be blogging again. 
Here is a sneak at a blog to come later this week...

fabulocity times 6!

Enjoy your day!


  1. Sarah,
    I've missed your posts! I love the way your chair turned out...and I hear ya with the whole "help" from the kids thing...somedays it's one step forward, two steps back. It's a good thing they are so cute. :)

  2. I'm new to your site and glad I found you! Your "new" bedroom suit is a beautiful gray which I can't wait find a special project for :-)
    Congrats :-)
    Lee Anne

  3. Hi Kathy! Thank you! I hope the other one gets finished!! ;D
    You are right, it is lucky the little lamp breaker is so darn cute!

    Hi LeeAnne! Thanks so much for stopping by!! I am really liking that gray myself, I did a bench in it a few posts back and used it with a dry brush technique over the white of the chairs above.