Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Remember me??

So yea it's been like 2 weeks, I have no excuse....but I have gotten some stuff done believe it or not, in between work, snotty kid, tornadoes and family being in town. I FINALLY painted the den with help from my a couch off craigslist that I hope to slipcover {if anyone has advice for a slipcover that looks decently custom that I can tweak I would love to go that route over making one!!!} and got a new tv for the finished armoire which is no longer abrasively orange {post on this in due time}.

Today I want to share a sneak of my mom and dad's study reno. My dad is an engineer and my mom is a landscape designer, so they are filled with DIY awesomeness. I mentioned that they bought those antique heart pine shutters from that estate sale. Well, it is coming along quite nicely. What started out as a plain in what was the formal living room, is now becoming a wall of built in desk and shelving to become a lovely study.

Here is a shot of the stained shutters. They line the wall and are used as the side panels that form the shelving unts. My dad framed them out with different moldings. Mom decided to white wash the pine, since they were distressed with so much character, and she did the trim in a glossy white.

And here on Easter Sunday is my presh babe in front of the project. The shelves are in place, trim painted, desk formed and that light piece of stone on the right is the color granite they are going with for the desktop.

Cannot wait to share the finished project. I love my wonderful DIY parents! 

Hope you enjoyed your Easter weekend!


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  1. Looking good:-) I will be checking back often for the updates. Keep up the good work!
    Lee Anne