Saturday, February 12, 2011

Estate Sale Saturday!

Hubs, the babe and I met my parents and headed out to do some estate sale hopping today. Our main stop was an estate sale at the home of an architect (which we found out used to work at the same engineering firm as my dad, small world). This place had rich style. He toured the world and his house was a showcase of his travels! I REALLY wanted this galvenized daybed (see below) to use as a couch in our living room....but when we got there an hour after it started the sweet thing was sold! :(

Here are some photos I took off their website (Bryant Estate Sales . com).

 Lots of amazing treasures and a beautiful hand tied rug

 this screen was fabulous and probably 8 feet tall!

Though not my style, I love the retro style of a leather Eames chair

This bulbous tasseled vase was gone before we got there, so was that amazing 7 paneled screen!

hand carved carousel horse


 I'm so upset I missed this bed, I am now on a mission to find one!

 Hubs has wanted to geek it up with a metal detector for some time now, sadly this fine piece of technology was also gone by our arrival....

The only purchase of the day, mom and dad bought all 15 of these panels, which are 5 1/2 foot primitive screens. They were asking $100 a piece! But nobody bargains like the big cheese bargains! (Should explain the nickname, dad A. is from Wisconsin and B. does a lot of work with a big time food company that specializes in cheese.) They are planning to use these in their formal living room to study remodel. 

The other stops were a bust, how I do hate coming home empty handed. ::sigh::


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