Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Daybed-as-Sofa {opinions please}

Ever since I saw the images from the estate sale and had my daybed-as-sofa epiphany, I simply cannot get enough! I think this idea epitomizes southern hospitality and the desire to have guests feel comfortable and at ease. I have been trudging through images of daybeds of all sizes and materials.
I found this image of Zsa Zsa Gabor's home {currently listed for $28mil for those in the market :) } and this feminine oasis of chartreuse curtains and plush pastel pillows makes me swoon! However, I live with a manly man and 9 foot ceilings...
Oh my! THIS is marvelous. However my piece cannot anchor a corner in this room and this feels a little bedroom seating area to me.

This version is a little more my style and certainly more my price range. Made of vintage twin headboards that have been painted and upholstered, it's quite the transformation and paired with the toile wallpaper it would be absolutely perfect....for a young girls room. I don't see this in our living space.


This wooden piece from Bali is spot on, I can definitely picture a plush seat with bolster surround and a mix of vintage grain sack pillows and some new embroidered pretties. 

So as wonderful as this looks, when I see "imported from Bali" instead of words my mind translates "$$$$$$$" so I turned to the beyond talented Ana White. She has a plan she calls the "Lydia Daybed", a farmhouse style that would look lovely used for seating and lounging.

Below is PB's Priscilla daybed which Ana's plan was based on.....LOVE what's going on with netting, sconces, and metal wall art. And the color....I'm quite fond of that color, I can't seem to find anything wrong with this photo.


 My only concern is the amount of sitting space the scallops take away for times when you want your toesies on the floor. It turns a 3 seater into a 2 seater and those who prefer corner sitting are out of luck. The below image shows a similar front with a lower height for those decorative pieces, which seems to make it a 2.5 seater....maybe? I also prefer to have a piece across the back to hold a bolster and throw pillows instead of relying on the wall as you would with Ana's daybed. I'm not certain if I want such an ornate back as below or just a simple framed beadboard panel. And lastly I may desire a beefier frame such as the beut from Bali. Suggestions?

So my question for you lovely readers of my humble blog, is what do you think would work best for this daybed-as-sofa situation and also what colors should I use for my revamped living space? I was thinking of doing a deep gray for the walls.  I have my favorite piece, the blue distressed lawyers cabinet shown at the end of this post, that is already in this room.  Also, some other white/light gray pieces will be moving into the space...

Have a fabulous Tuesday! I'm working my part time job on m-w-f now, so will enjoy this beautiful weather with my miniature bff today!



  1. I like the idea of a daybed-as-a-sofa, but question the practicality of it...unless you have lots and lots of room...and I don't know if I would use it for the main sofa, or just additional seating. I love the last day bed the most! P.S. The girl who writes the pleated poppy blog used a really pretty dark gray in her kitchen, and posted a picture a few days ago. I think it's called silver sage?

  2. Well, I don't have tons of room, its a small 1930s bungalow, but that's sort of why I was fond of the idea, so that it could double as more guest sleeping space without being a pullout or futon ya know? The room would have 2 occasional chairs, a small hightop table and stools and the daybed. I love the last one too! I'm heading over to her blog, silver sage sounds divine!

  3. I love the daybed idea! I really want one in our sunroom (currently empty, I never share the space!)- it is the perfect combo of form and function. And you could always try a different version if that one is too bulky!

  4. Genius idea to make it double as sleeping space. It sounds like you have lots of other seating and it could totally work. Now I am starting to notice more and more daybeds in living rooms. Just this afternoon I spotted one in this month's House Beautiful (page 79). It was situated across from a couch and looked really good. They also featured a tin (?)one in Country Living on page 12. Good Luck!

  5. Michele, totally agree! I hope it works out, and please share your space with me when you beautify it!!
    Kathy, I found them online, yay! The CL daybed reminds me so much of "the one that got away" :*(

    Sharing the links w/ everyone else, thanks so much ladies for the input!



  6. LOVE it! Go for it! Maybe the shape of the last one is gorgeouso = my fave! And always a fan of a blue paint color! XOX!