Monday, February 7, 2011

I'm a mess! {Mora clock love}

So before I began this slow transformation to the soft paletted french cottage style I long for....I was an eclectic mess (and by was I mean still...kinda....a mess)
There was a phase in my life a few years ago when I obsessed over black and white with colorful splashes. I love the Global Bazaar series that Target carried, very World Market-esque, quite chic. However I was all over the place, bulbous black and white vases, faux bone inlay coasters, Moroccan inspired lanterns with stained glass inserts, animal print....Need I go on. My front room still has some of this theme and I am slowly revising a plan on what can be incorporated (as is or painted) and what will simply have to get the boot.

Though my severely eclectic days are over, I do still desire a to incorporate cultural pieces in a more cohesive manner. Last post I drooled over turned/carved wooden chandeliers, well known both in France and Italy.  Today I turn my lust to Sweden's curvaceous Mora clock. This is not your mother's grandfather clock!!

Tara Shaw, lover and collector of cultural pieces has a reproduction line. (her repro chandy was the first one of this post)
and ooooh lala is this not a delish Mora clock!

I loooove the scrolled feet and softly distressed finish.

::Ahhhhhhh:: (<----that would be the sound of angels)
This finish is masterful!

One of each, thanks.

I'm a bit obsessed with this cane back sette....and that clock...words, I need words!

Now a touch of color...

Gold and seafoam? Yes, please! The adjoining dining room has a gorg chandy, turned wood of course.

Though I would love the robin's egg on the left and tall and creamy one on the right, I cannot get over how stunning and rich the green and gold is! oh and what is that hanging out with the Mora's? That's right, a softly finished wooden chandelier, an awe-inspiring picture of perfection, I adore those scallops and the loops in the wired arms!!!


You can also check out, Lone Ranger Antiques and the motherload of Mora....I mean ::gasp:: take your breath away!

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