Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tootin' My Horn

I just had to do a quick blog to share what I scored...I found two pretty great rugs today for $12.50 each!!!
{pardon the dull blackberry images, they are a mid-range gray}

The rugs were redlined at Garden Ridge. Please tell me you see what I saw?? Don't they scream West Elm?!

I'm on a retail high from that purchase!
I am still working on a daybed-as-sofa plan, I cannot wait to get that going, but "measure twice, cut once" = "plan twice as hard before you go buying random lumber and screwing it all up" so I am patiently working with engineer dad to make sure I get it right the first time :)


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Drab to Fab

I didn't think I'd go this long without blogging but had a busy weekend! Sadly not super productive. I must admit I've been adicted to reading...the Sookie Stackhouse, Charlaine Harris's The Southern Vampire Mysteries....and though I bet this speaks volumes about my reading habits....I.AM.HOOKED. I won't delve into the amount of time I spend huddled on the couch with my nook, but I will say it is dreadfully embarassing how into these books I am. I have left several subtle hints to the hubs that it would make a happy wife if he would come home with the TrueBlood series on DVD, sooner than later. Thanks.

Also my sister accepted a job in Dallas on Friday so I've been helping her in her virtual apartment search. She is selling a lot of her oversized furniture that is housed in her current rustic, brick exposed flat and I am having a ball brainstorming ideas for a new modern/contemporary place in downtown Dallas. I'm terribly sad to see her move away but this is such an amazing experience and I'm looking forward to visits!

So far I have two project ideas we aim to do in the next 3.5 weeks.

How glam is this!
 It started out as this plain little thing found at Ikea.

We are going all black and gold in her bedroom and I am so excited to try out a similar project. We are setting out to thrift and find a great dresser to mimic this lovely transformation from drab to fab! (In more detail here:

Will blog about the other one tomorrow, pulling myself away from my reading and going out with the hubs and friends. :)


(i also am too rushed to proof right now, excuse any and all errors :) enjoy your evening!!!)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Daybed-as-Sofa {opinions please}

Ever since I saw the images from the estate sale and had my daybed-as-sofa epiphany, I simply cannot get enough! I think this idea epitomizes southern hospitality and the desire to have guests feel comfortable and at ease. I have been trudging through images of daybeds of all sizes and materials.
I found this image of Zsa Zsa Gabor's home {currently listed for $28mil for those in the market :) } and this feminine oasis of chartreuse curtains and plush pastel pillows makes me swoon! However, I live with a manly man and 9 foot ceilings...
Oh my! THIS is marvelous. However my piece cannot anchor a corner in this room and this feels a little bedroom seating area to me.

This version is a little more my style and certainly more my price range. Made of vintage twin headboards that have been painted and upholstered, it's quite the transformation and paired with the toile wallpaper it would be absolutely perfect....for a young girls room. I don't see this in our living space.

This wooden piece from Bali is spot on, I can definitely picture a plush seat with bolster surround and a mix of vintage grain sack pillows and some new embroidered pretties. 

So as wonderful as this looks, when I see "imported from Bali" instead of words my mind translates "$$$$$$$" so I turned to the beyond talented Ana White. She has a plan she calls the "Lydia Daybed", a farmhouse style that would look lovely used for seating and lounging.

Below is PB's Priscilla daybed which Ana's plan was based on.....LOVE what's going on with netting, sconces, and metal wall art. And the color....I'm quite fond of that color, I can't seem to find anything wrong with this photo.

 My only concern is the amount of sitting space the scallops take away for times when you want your toesies on the floor. It turns a 3 seater into a 2 seater and those who prefer corner sitting are out of luck. The below image shows a similar front with a lower height for those decorative pieces, which seems to make it a 2.5 seater....maybe? I also prefer to have a piece across the back to hold a bolster and throw pillows instead of relying on the wall as you would with Ana's daybed. I'm not certain if I want such an ornate back as below or just a simple framed beadboard panel. And lastly I may desire a beefier frame such as the beut from Bali. Suggestions?
So my question for you lovely readers of my humble blog, is what do you think would work best for this daybed-as-sofa situation and also what colors should I use for my revamped living space? I was thinking of doing a deep gray for the walls.  I have my favorite piece, the blue distressed lawyers cabinet shown at the end of this post, that is already in this room.  Also, some other white/light gray pieces will be moving into the space...

Have a fabulous Tuesday! I'm working my part time job on m-w-f now, so will enjoy this beautiful weather with my miniature bff today!


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Estate Sale Saturday!

Hubs, the babe and I met my parents and headed out to do some estate sale hopping today. Our main stop was an estate sale at the home of an architect (which we found out used to work at the same engineering firm as my dad, small world). This place had rich style. He toured the world and his house was a showcase of his travels! I REALLY wanted this galvenized daybed (see below) to use as a couch in our living room....but when we got there an hour after it started the sweet thing was sold! :(

Here are some photos I took off their website (Bryant Estate Sales . com).

 Lots of amazing treasures and a beautiful hand tied rug

 this screen was fabulous and probably 8 feet tall!

Though not my style, I love the retro style of a leather Eames chair

This bulbous tasseled vase was gone before we got there, so was that amazing 7 paneled screen!

hand carved carousel horse


 I'm so upset I missed this bed, I am now on a mission to find one!

 Hubs has wanted to geek it up with a metal detector for some time now, sadly this fine piece of technology was also gone by our arrival....

The only purchase of the day, mom and dad bought all 15 of these panels, which are 5 1/2 foot primitive screens. They were asking $100 a piece! But nobody bargains like the big cheese bargains! (Should explain the nickname, dad A. is from Wisconsin and B. does a lot of work with a big time food company that specializes in cheese.) They are planning to use these in their formal living room to study remodel. 

The other stops were a bust, how I do hate coming home empty handed. ::sigh::


Friday, February 11, 2011

Finally Friday! {framed brooch}

My wedding day had a bit of vintage flair. From the invitations to the decor, I used soft subtle colors, elegant fonts, and touches of heirlooms. I incorporated two gorgeous antique brooches, one that belonged to my great-grandmother on my dress and a purchased shiny blue number on the wedding cake.

I have been brainstorming a way to display the blue brooch for some time now and while looking at crafty blogs on different pincushion projects I had the perfect idea! Create a pincushion frame for displaying this treasure! I originally wanted to find a large barnwood frame with a small opening, but then I saw this frame, sitting on the back of a dresser in my guestroom and I thought it was just as perfect (and free making it even better!)

this photo doesn't begin to show how icky the poorly distressed cream is

First, I gave it a nice coat of pale gray paint and as that dried started to work on the burlap pincushion.

After I glued the stuffed fabric to the backing, I spent several miserable minutes squishing the life out of quickly returned it to its home in the newly painted frame.

Now for the finishing touch...

And its new home across the shelf from our wedding photo.
Have a fabulous weekend!

xx Sarah

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

My 1st project reveal! {Lovely Wooden Bench}

Last night it began snowing again in Birmingham. 

As you can see it's a bit of a dusting (rustled up by the pups) and you northern peeps probably think we are silly for calling this snow...buuuuuut it is. So I spent naptime of this lovely snow day finishing a project! If you knew me, you'd know how proud I am......but before you give me a virtual pat on the back it is not really finished as I need to make a seat cushion and pillow(s) to complete the look.....none-the-less, TADA!

The before, yellow can be lovely, but not for this lady that I picked up at auction.
(it was a bit brighter than the photo shows)

And here she is now!
A little white, a little gray, a little glaze and a whole lotta loving this!
This is my front room. In it's hayday (1930s) it was more of the greeting room and serves a bunch of random purposes for our little fam.  As you see in this image, a bit of eclectic wonder still resides. I do love that giant dough bowl, I haven't found the perfect home for it yet.
BACK on are two photos I've found some inspiration for the finishing touches on this beaut!

Enjoy your day!
xx Sarah