Sunday, February 6, 2011

Me, my home, and I {chandy love!}

I don't always know how to explain my aesthetic, but sitting at an antique auction last night, looking at the pieces that I heard softly calling "take me home, lady!" I decided it's a little something like this...

French country and softly worn...slightly primitive.....dainty and distressed.....southern charm in cool neutrals....

Still not very exact but I'm sure you have painted a lovely picture in your mind.

I am really concentrating on minimizing my home's palette to whites, creams and grays with subtle accents of blue and perhaps yellow. So now my conundrum.....

when she was was like a saltine war zone.
 first thing in the morning...apparently where they spent the night...

Excuse the horrible phone pics....but you get my drift, 2 dogs with no furniture respect and a adorably crummy 1 year old (excuse her ridiculously mis-matched getup....she's usually quite polished :) ) So another challenge of making my house a home is making it also indestructible whilst keeping with my palette of lovely stain attracting colors.

But to the REAL reason for this post....I want, I need, I absolutely-cannot-live-without this chandelier in my life! The epitome of my french country, slightly primitive inspired style. I really can't find anything bad to say about these....except that I can't find one on the thrift.

I hope you are preparing yourself for this eye candy.

This 12 arm Italian beauty is the epitome of rustic elegance. I adore the almost weightless arms, each with a different shape. This is simply perfection.

French Gothic Chandelier
I can see this in my bathroom....I NEED this in my bathroom!
(.....but not at $2k)

 Primitive/Americana, less ornate, but still charming.

 I can't explain my love for this,  those dainty wooden charms and the leaves!!
I think I die a little each time I look at this image. How can one chandelier be so elegant and whimsical and softly distressed and SERIOUSLY pull it all off?!

 I would definitely want to lighten up the wooden body of these two primitive numbers, but the shape is so fantastic, and the sweet primitive "wax drip cuppy things" (<--my words) are presh!

Late 19th century Italian 6 light chandelier.
Scroll work is stunning!

Now just to find one budget-friendly beauty (or five), paired with a ceiling medallion, maybe a burlap chain cover, and my we know it...will be complete.


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  2. (not the zebra print)... ps: I'm your first follower! Yay!

  3. What a mean to say was... I'm pretty sure the pillow behind your baby is the same print as my couch. That's what I get for trying to type immediately following a Sunday nap. Goodness gracious.

  4. YAY! I couldn't have picked a more fabulous first follower! :D
    I recently ditched the zebra (along with any other animal print pillow) as part of my new palette/stop-being-all-over-the-place plan! I did keep the tapestry one though.

  5. wait--those dogs--laughing so much! xox!

  6. oh Mary, if you only knew, quite tempted to set up a nanny cam to see what all goes down when I'm out of the house! :)

  7. I really love those exaggerated chandys... almost looks Dr. Suess-ish! I want a rustic version for our dining room. Thanks for the inspiration! xo