Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Ziggy Zaggy Mourning, A Frame Fiasco, and A Lamp-No-Go.

Ever since I saw this post from Danielle Oakey Interiors I fell hard for this simple chevron rug. 
picture me in a soft embrace with my macbook, crooning Adele's "Crazy For You"

However, I've been holding off on buying too much until I get my room switcheroo moving a little faster and can determine what size rugs and such I need. SO my tortoise pace has yet again punched me in the gut. The rugs are sold out. However, dear pals, don't you fret, after some stalking, threatening, and super secret insider information [....i emailed customer support] I found that they will be sold yet again around August of this year! You bet your pantaloons I will be on UO's site each morning starting late July. I am that desperate and crazed to have this. Reviews were pretty good. For a $70 rug I think less than 5 stars is plenty acceptable.

In other presh-tastic frames went nuts on me. I think the wood was a little moist and once hung for a few days in my hot hiney house, they shrunk! 

I emailed photos to my dad in a tizzy, and now they sit at my parents yet again, awaiting an operation. I sure hope they come through ok!

And on a final note, lamp guts are kinda pricey. You have the electrical kit, then the threaded rod thing, then the shade and base...not a great deal. So I have decided to either try to dissect 2 similar thrift store lamps [scary] or just buy them new. 

vases i was planning to turn into buffet lamps :(
Enjoy the weekend, I am photographing a 1 year old by a river bank. So excited! Will link up to a picture once they are edited. 

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