Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The one where I ponder...and ad lib.....

Do you ever get half way through a really extensive project just to think, hmmm, am I making a HUGE mistake, I don't really even like [insert color]...and this [insert large object in room] is so busy, how will I ever find a [insert object] or [insert object] to coordinate...

I impulse bought some fabulous fabric at Hancocks for a great price. BUT now that I have made 2 dummy curtains, I'm JUST NOW REALIZING that this was not at all the look I set out to do. What is it that blocks out all logical planning when we find a steal on something pretty? Now I have to rethink other objects because I found some great sale fabric with like 7+ colors in it {not the simple yellow and cream I originally stated} so yea. Main color is a deep red....RED! When was red ever in the equation??? ::sigh::

I should never shop unsupervised. ever. ever. again.

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