Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Top O' the Morning to Ya!

Ok, so I'm not a coffee drinker (unless its a bottled Starbuck's frappuccino, weird I know) and today, feeling like I needed a little edge on my morning, I filled a Guinness high ball with my chocolate milk....

So far, no noticeable difference. 

BUT I am hoping I will get some sort of energy boost soon before I get to my parents. I have been helping my mom with their new pool project. Family motto is pretty much "why pay someone to do what you know how to?" 
 Here is a sneak peek of some tile work we have been doing (in the 95-100deg heat).

looks a little different b/c glass tile is on white pool wall and on concrete blocks. but once the grout lines are all white, no gray peeks through to make top look darker, thank you color theory class! I had to reassure mom more than once :)

The old pool was a big generic vinyl monster. This baby has a waterfall wall and jets that shoot in. The tile is neutral colored glass 1" tiles and the surround will be cut concrete that we will stain in a month or so of curing. I took this a few weeks ago, the concrete has been poured and we are going to finish grouting today. Cannot wait to take "real" pictures and share with you all her hard work and planning.

Take care!

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