Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I am finally back from moving my sweet sister to Dallas. I miss her already!
She has a GREAT place right in the middle of downtown. I am beyond disappointed with the numerous times I forgot to take my camera/actually use it. I aimed to take tons of cool night shots...well that also didn't happen. I'll try to share a shot later if I took one from my cell.

Amazing view from the rooftop decks!

Sister and one of her BFF's that went with to TX.
While in Dallas I got a chance to go to Ikea (our closest is in ATL) and I found these amazing drapes! Pack of 2 on sale for $24! I also picked up this rod which I love!

Here is a peek at the table I had on the teaser (photo 2). The base is primed and will be white, I havent sealed the top yet, but I like the color.

I can't decide if the taxidermy is too wimpy to be on their own, they may need to be in a cluster of frames.....I just painted that candelabra, want to find some fun blue tapers for it.

From another post you have seen my den/sofa as drab and very olive, well my sister was living in the lower loft like space of our old house-turned-duplex, so now that will become our movie space/entertaining/play room for our time staying in this home {post about this soon to follow]. So all the big bulky and green will be moving downstairs! As many others I am in love with the Alvine Ruta rug from Ikea and am anxiously awaiting my next trip to Atlanta!! This will go in my den, along with the table and drapes above and THREE other projects I'm slowly working on....sheesh! We may be sitting on pillows for a while :)
Hope to post in a day or so with what might be the replacement for the daybed project, early 60's wooden framed sofa, I haven't seen it yet, but my Nana says it's all mine if I want it.....Is that even a question?? Of course I want it!


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