Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I now pronounce you, moditional....

Hmm, well maybe the name doesn't work out so well, but the marriage of modern and traditional certainly does!

This is what I want to convey with my two traditional tables, they are both classically styled, both have curvaceous legs, both definitely the women here, and these gals NEED a strong, sturdy man in their lives!

I shared in my last post that my hightop would look fabo with some white and chrome barstools. But today I'm daydreaming of chairs for my other (far-down-the-line-keeps-getting-pushed-back-on-my-list-gorg-5-leg-antique-dining) table project.

Blissful marriages at their finest.
 My long time fave chair to pair with a rustic table!
Country Living
I'm seeing this photo all over the place for the chairs, mirror, table, etc.
 I'm more fond of ghost chairs in ones and twos, but I really love this wallpaper so had to share.
Spotted some of these at that amazing estate sale I blogged about several weeks ago. They of course were long gone with that other piece we no longer speak of...
xJavierx on flickr

 On a side note...

Below is a inspiration image of what my occasional chairs will hopefully resemble, mine have a very similar structure...now if only I can find that presh stool!

Enjoy your day!


  1. Ok "moditional" is being added to my vocabulary! Love it :) And I LOOOOVE those industrial chairs paired with the rustic wood in the first picture. SO up my alley!

  2. Aren't they wonderful. I have dreams of running down the beach to join them in a lasting embrace...then I wake up and remind myself they are $200 a piece and at that rate we will never be together :(